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Help and FAQs for All Together Now!

All of the information about All Together Now! can be found here in our FAQs. If you still have additional questions or inquries, please use the email form below.

Is there any way to edit my booking?
Yes. Simply use the link provided in the confirmation email that was sent to you when you booked. Can't seem to locate it? No problem. We can send you a new link via email. Simply click here!

Is registration or a Performance Agreement required?
Yes, but it is entirely free-of-charge to license with no royalties or rental fees.

Is this limited to only MTI customers?
No, any organization will have the opportunity to produce All Together Now!

Is there a recommended age range for performers of the revue? Is it suitable for children?
ATN! is designed with options for each song slot in order to accommodate groups of all types. Please take a look at the song list to determine if this would work for your group. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of licenses for ATN!, we will be unable to consider any change requests.

Do we get to choose the weekend?
No, the revue will only be available to be performed over one specific weekend: 12th - 15th November 2021.

If we are unable to do the show on the specified weekend, due to a conflict or due to COVID, is there any chance of doing it another weekend?
No, unfortunately, rights are only available for performances on the specified weekend.

How many performances are we allowed to do?
You may perform the show as many times as you like over the 4-day period.

What is the running time for the revue?
We anticipate the running time to be about one hour. However, that all depends on how long your speeches are and how much time you take for transitions and introductions between songs. Please remember this is a fundraiser and should move quickly.

Can we add an intermission/interval to ATN!
Yes, we suggest adding it after slot #9.

Can we choose our own songs?
No, you may not choose your own songs. Only the songs provided by MTI have been cleared for use. However, in order to give you more flexibility, we have provided up to 3 options per song slot. There are 15 slots; for each slot, you will choose one of the options to perform in your production.

Are we required to perform all 15 song slots?
Yes. Within each song slot, you can choose which song to perform, but you must perform all 15 slots.

Can we choose our own ticket prices?
Yes. Each organization can determine the amount to charge for tickets. MTI will not be collecting any royalties or other fees.

Will MTI be the point person for collecting donations? How will MTI distribute the money?
MTI will not collect any money. This event is designed as a fundraiser for individual organizations to administer. Each individual organization will sell tickets and collect money for themselves.

How will materials be delivered?
All materials will be delivered digitally.

Will paper copies be available for the materials?
No, all materials will be provided digitally.

Will materials need to be destroyed/discarded after the performances?
Yes, all digital copies must be deleted, and any printed copies must be destroyed.

Will rehearsal and/or performance tracks be available?
Yes. Accompaniment recordings will be available for all of the songs in the Revue. We are working to finalize the rehearsal and performance tracks, and we will send an email to all licensees when they are available. The rehearsal tracks will be provided via our RehearScore app, and the performance tracks will be provided via our Performance Accompaniment Recording app, the MTI Player app. You can find more information on our website about RehearScore and MTI Player. We encourage you to download the apps now to familiarize yourself with them.

Will Transpositions on Demand be available?
We will not be offering Transpositions on Demand for the songs in the revue. You may do your own transpositions, but remember that the orchestrations and the accompaniment tracks will only be in the original keys and will not be able to be altered by MTI.

Will translations be available?
No. Songs will be provided in English, and we are unable to grant any translations or consider any translation requests at this time. All musical numbers must be performed in English, but any speeches, announcements, or introductions that you may incorporate into the revue may be in your local language.

Will streaming be available?
You may choose to livestream your production only. Scheduled and on-demand streaming is not permitted. Streaming can only happen during the weekend of the event.

Is ShowTix4U required for streaming?
It is not required, but you may use ShowTix4U to livestream if you choose. Streaming can only happen during the weekend of the event. You must use a livestreaming platform that has an appropriate performing rights license from ASCAP/BMI/SESAC. Examples of platforms with the appropriate licenses are ShowTix4U, YouTube, and Facebook. For performances outside the United States, the platform you use must have an appropriate performing rights license with an applicable international performing rights organization (for example: SOCAN in Canada, PRS in the United Kingdom, APRA AMCOS in Australia).

Are remote (Zoom) performances allowed?
Unfortunately, remote performance rights are not available.

What size orchestra is needed?
The orchestra size will depend on the songs you choose and what you are able to accommodate. MTI will provide all the orchestra parts for each song. As you know, each song will have a different set of orchestra parts. It will be your responsibility to identify what is needed for your orchestra pit. These will also be listed on the ATN! page of our website.

Can we use costumes, sets, and choreography?
ATN! is designed to be a concert-style presentation, but you can absolutely use costumes, sets, and choreography in your production. But, as always, you must create your own original choreography and designs. We understand that many of you have previously produced many of the shows and would like to remind the audience of your past productions. Go for it! If you have previously received permission or purchased a resource like "The Original Production" (original choreography) for your past production, then feel free to recreate the song as you did it in your past production since you already obtained those rights. If not, please remember that you do not have the rights to any of the original elements such as costumes, sets, choreography, etc. These are the same rules as if you were mounting a full production of any show. MTI will be providing the choreography for "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” for ATN! Performances.

Can we use photos and media from our past productions to enhance our production?
Yes, you may use photos or media from past productions. Our partners at Broadway Media (BMD) will also be providing scenic elements that you will be able to use. We also plan to provide you with a video called "Theatre Is…" This video will feature a montage of celebrities and other public figures reflecting on what theatre means to them. You will also have the option of including some local stars or community leaders as part of the video.

Does each performance have to be the same songs and cast?
No. If you choose to do more than one performance, you may use different songs for each performance. However, you must still only use the songs assigned to each of the 15 song slots. You may choose to use a different cast on different nights. ATN! is designed to be as flexible as possible to allow for the different needs of each theatre. Just have fun with it!

Are there any specific guidelines for casting? Can we cast in non-traditional ways?
No, there are no guidelines for casting. You cannot change any of the music or lyrics for any songs, but you have a lot flexibility in other ways. For example, you may have a person of any gender sing any of the songs. The vocalists do not need to match the gender of the characters that traditionally sing the songs in the shows they are taken from. You may also split up solos to add more singers. As you plan and cast your production of ATN!, you are encouraged to feature as diverse a cast as you can in order to reflect the composition of your entire community (i.e., town, city, school, etc.). ATN! Is about bringing people back to theatre, whether as audience members or cast members, and this is a great opportunity to feature talented people of varying backgrounds, cultures, and physical abilities. Your production will benefit from a variety of races, genders, abilities, body types, and sizes, so spread diversity as best you can across all the roles in the production.

What do we do if we already have a production running on our stage?
We have included multiple days so you can find a time to also present ATN! Consider adding an ATN! performance before or after your current production or slot it in at another point during the weekend. This is a fundraiser and is designed to be done on any stage with minimal sets and costumes.

What happens if there are multiple theatres in the community?
This is a community event. We suggest you partner with other local theatres, pool your resources, and produce the revue at a larger venue (maybe at a performing arts center, for example), then share the proceeds.

Will posters be available?
Yes, posters will be available through our partners at Subplot Studios.

Can we create our own logo or do we have the use the one provided?
You must use the ATN! logo provided to you by MTI.

Will logo use cost money?
No, a logo pack with the logo in different formats will be provided at no charge. It is included with the materials.

Are we allowed to create and sell merchandise?
Yes, you may create and sell merchandise using the provided ATN! logo. This is a great opportunity for additional fundraising for your production. You may not use any song titles, song lyrics, show names, or show logos for merchandise.

Will MTI be creating t-shirts or other merchandise?
We are looking into this possibility, but you are also welcome to create and sell your own merchandise using the provided ATN! logo. This is a great opportunity for additional fundraising for your production. You may not use any song titles, song lyrics, show names, or show logos for merchandise.

Will a billing format be provided?
Yes. It will include the song list, author credits, MTI credits, and sponsor credits, as well as guidelines on additional billing credits.

How will billing work with optional songs? Do we list billing for the songs we don't perform?
In the program you are only required to list and bill the songs that you will be performing. However, on all posters and on the title page of program, you will be required to list all composers and lyricists of all the songs in ATN!

What marketing assistance will be available?
MTI will provide a marketing toolkit via Subplot Studios to help, but marketing and selling tickets to the revue is the responsibility of each organization.

Are groups allowed to have sponsors?
Yes! This is like any other fundraiser/event you may be used to producing.

Are there sponsorship limitations?
Yes, per the Performance Agreement, you agree not to list any of your sponsors in connection with any advertising or promotion of the revue if such sponsors do business in any of the following categories: alcohol, tobacco, and/or firearms.

Will sponsor logos be provided for billing?
Yes, MTI will provide all necessary logos.

My organization is a school or other state entity. Will MTI agree to changes in the ATN! license to comply with my state’s law?
State entities such as schools and universities sometimes request changes in our standard MTI production contract to comply with restrictions under their state’s law. To avoid having to negotiate changes for such organizations for All Together Now!, the license agreement for ATN! was designed specifically to be acceptable to state entities by including appropriate exceptions to the standard governing law and indemnification provisions. Unfortunately, due to the volume of licenses for this title we cannot accommodate any other changes to the ATN! license.

Can we make changes to the license?
No, due to the large volume of licences, we are unable to approve-or even consider-any change requests to the Performance Agreement. The show must be performed as-is. In developing the revue, we have made all efforts to provide as much flexibility as possible.

What will be the governing law for international licenses? Will this be licensed through MTINY, MTIE and MTIA or just MTI? Will there be different licenses for different regions?
All licenses, whether for performances in the United States or elsewhere, will be issued by Music Theatre International in New York and will be governed by the laws of the State of New York.

Is transfer of rights available?
No, a transfer of rights is never available for any MTI show.

Are there any restrictions on ticket prices or audience size?
No, there are no restrictions on ticket prices or audience size. Each organisation can determine the amount to charge for tickets. MTI will not be collecting any royalties or other fees.

Can we list All Together Now! as a part of our season? Are there any restrictions for using the event name in this way or in other ways?
ATN! can be listed as a part of your season, and it can be promoted in any way you would normally promote an MTI show. However, you must use the official ATN! logo and follow all other guidelines as described in your Performance Agreement.

Are there territorial limitations on streaming?
No, there are no territory limitations. We encourage all theatres wherever you are to participate in ATN!

Are there any restrictions on venues, such as first-class venues like Hollywood Bowl or the Albert Hall?
No, there are no restrictions on venues.

Is MTI making money from this?
No, MTI is not collecting or receiving any money from ATN! Again, this is about bringing the theatre community together and helping theatres jumpstart their seasons after the devastating year of 2020 and COVID-19.

Will we need to provide MTI and authors tickets for live performances and livestreams, if requested?
Yes, the usual clause from your Performance Agreement will apply. Please refer to your Performance Agreement for more information.

Are groups required to share information with MTI afterwards?
Yes, as part of the grant of right for this royalty-free production, you will be required to share certain information with MTI such as total tickets sold, total money raised, number of performances, songs used, etc. MTI will not share any individual theatre information.

Small Rights Clearance/Individual Song Use Rights
MTI has obtained permission from the songwriters and copyright owners to include their songs in the Revue on a royalty-free basis. However, because the Revue consists of individual pre-existing songs from various musicals, performing rights organizations (PROs) that represent these songs in jurisdictions outside the United States may assert the right to license the Revue and collect performance royalties for your production. If your local PRO does reach out regarding a claim for performance royalties, you can provide them with a copy of your ATN! license to demonstrate that you have licensed the Revue. In addition, MTI can provide with you a letter explaining the nature of the Revue and confirming that the authors/copyright owners have waived royalties for any licensed performance of the Revue. However, if ultimately it is determined that any fees are due to the local PRO, those fees would be your responsibility.

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