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All Together Now



Have a look at what you receive with your All Together Now! Performance Agreement

Materials, resources, and other assets will be delivered digitally and will contain the following items delivered roughly on this schedule:

Upon Licensing

Production Documents:


Materials / Show Components:

  • Piano / Vocal Scores
  • Orchestrations


Materials / Show Components:

  • Performance Accompaniment tracks
  • RehearScore

Marketing / Promotions:


Materials / Show Components:

Marketing / Promotions:


Materials / Show Components:

  • Scenic Projection from Broadway Media 
    • Click here to learn about the complimentary scenic projections and two videos you can use in the show including the "Theatre Is…" video. This video will feature luminaries from the theatre world sharing inspiring thoughts on the power of theatre. There will also be a section in the video where organizations can upload videos from local talent, community members, dignitaries.