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Audition Materials

Simplify your audition process using our prepared audition packets.

Select the Broadway Junior musical you are producing, choose a character, and print the information. Each packet includes a character description and excerpts from the script and vocal book. Starting places in the vocal book are indicated by a red circle; suggested ending places are marked with a double red slash.

Note: The pages included are for audition purposes only. These materials may only be used in conjunction with a performance license of an individual show. Any other use is a violation of the copyright law and strictly prohibited.

Auditioning for Magic Tree House: A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens JR. can be a challenging experience. That's why we have prepared the following excerpts to help you get ready to "Break a leg." Each character has a breakdown, sides, and a small excerpt from the score with which to rehearse your audition.
Mr. DickensViewViewView
Morgan Le FayViewViewN/A
Carriage DriverViewViewView
People At InnViewN/AN/A
Theatre FolkViewN/AN/A
High SocietyViewN/AN/A
Emma and OliveViewViewView
Harry and ColinViewViewView
Mrs. TibbsViewViewView
Dickens CharactersViewN/AN/A
Victorian London EnsembleViewN/AView
Mr. PinchViewViewView
Mrs. PinchViewViewView
Francois The ChefViewViewN/A
Restaurant EnsembleViewViewView
Tiny TimViewViewN/A
Mrs. DickensViewViewN/A
Young DickensViewViewN/A
Classroom EnsembleViewViewN/A
Queen Victoria And Lady In WaitingViewViewN/A
Bookstore EnsembleViewN/AN/A
Mary DickensViewViewN/A