A comical celebration of the classic folklore hero Robin Hood and his more-than-merry-men.

When innocent Much the Miller’s Son wanders into Sherwood Forest he has no idea of the adventure in store. Robin Hood has lost his twang, Maid Marion’s maid is man-hungry and the Merry Men keep bursting into song and dance!

You’ll adore this hilarious brand-spanking new version of Lionel Bart infamous show, full to the brim with catchy songs, delicious comedy, glorious production numbers and a heap of musical theatre references!!

“High camp, full of innuendo, with hysterical pastiche references to many well-known musicals. Fast paced and thoroughly entertaining, it is a must-see show." Musical Theatre Review

"Don’t be expecting the likes of a brooding Kevin Costner, think more Bob Fosse, with plenty of men in tights and slapping of thighs.” The Spy in the Stalls

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