Enjoy Free At-Home Access to The Lion King Experience!

Enjoy Free At-Home Access to The Lion King Experience!

Disney Theatrical Productions is now offering a free virtually accessible version of The Lion King Experience, a unique holistic arts education programme that provides students and educators an immersive introduction to theatre making through the lens of the Broadway production of The Lion King.

The web-based, multi-media curriculum was originally designed to be facilitated in a classroom by an instructor as an enhancement for schools producing KIDS and JR. adaptations of The Lion King, but with new step-by-step instructions, students can explore the full experience at home.

First launched in 2015, The Lion King Experience was the first time any long-running hit musical released a specially-created version for primary, prep and middle school students while the original show is still playing in the West End. The programme grants schools the opportunity to produce condensed, age-appropriate KIDS and JR. adaptations of The Lion King, which together with the curriculum, comprises The Lion King Experience.

The now unlocked curriculum materials contain all of the tools needed for The Lion King Experience's experiential theatre curriculum (an 11-session course for the students aged 8-11 and an 18-session course for students aged 12-15), including video instruction, at-home learning instructions, student materials, and more.

For more information on The Lion King Experience, visit  www.LionKingExperience.com . The at-home learning instructions are available on the homepage, and all sessions will be unlocked for students and teachers during this time.

To download session video examples and additional assets for context, visit the following link:

The Lion King Experience Reference Assets

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