End of Term Feature: Selecting Your School Show

End of Term Feature: Selecting Your School Show

Sprinkle Some Magic at the end of this term with Broadway Junior!

As we reach the end of the school year you must be thinking about the highlight of the term: your end of term show! We know that selecting the right title can be a somewhat difficult task, but our Broadway Junior shows offer an array of exciting options that are perfect for school performances. These adaptations are specifically designed for young performers, with age-appropriate content and simplified scores, ensuring an unforgettable experience for students, teachers and the families that come to watch. They will also guarantee a spectacular production with minimal hassle as each show comes with a ShowKit of production resources, including scripts, scores, and rehearsal tracks, which simplify the preparation process and support you every step of the way. We’ve chosen a few highlights from the collection to help you get started.


Word 'Seussical JR' in yellow with red and white top hat above the e.

Seussical JR is a vibrant and whimsical choice that brings the fantastical world of Dr. Seuss to life. This show offers plenty of opportunities for colourful costumes, imaginative sets, and lively musical numbers.

Shrek the Musical JR in green and gold. The S has ogre ears. Dreamworks logo sits above the text.

Shrek the Musical JR is great if you are looking for a show with a Fairytale twist. Choose this show for the chance to transform the well-loved animated film into a stage spectacle filled with humour and heart. The story’s message of acceptance could provide an excellent teaching opportunity while the energetic musical numbers will always keep rehearsals fun with an abundance of roles for everyone. 


Flying car with red and yellow wings. Words 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR' appear as though written on a music staff in red lettering.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR is a classic adventure that everyone remembers from their childhood. This heart-warming story about a family and their magical car provides plenty of excitement and charm. The nostalgic songs and endearing characters will make it a big hit with both students and their families. 

Guys and dolls jr text in old-style US font with dice appearing

Guys and Dolls JR will bring the streets of New York to your school. This tale of gamblers, showgirls and missionaries offers a variety of characters along with many large company numbers make this a great way to introduce students to the golden age of musical theatre. 

Camel, parrot, dog, pig and monkey appear out of a handbag containing words 'Doctor Dolittle Jr.' in yellow.

Doctor Dolittle JR invites students into the wonderful world of animals and adventure. The story of a man who talks to animals offers enchanting songs and a delightful storyline which will leave everyone with a smile. With its array of unique characters, both human and animal, this musical is perfect for young imaginations. 


Legally Blonde the Musical in pink lettering. JR appears in a pink heart.Legally Blonde JR offers a fun and empowering story that encourages students to embrace their individuality. This is a high-energy musical full of upbeat songs and a positive message, it is perfect for teaching students that being themselves never goes out of style. 

High School Musical in gold lettering featuring lightbulbs. JR sits in a red basketball.

Disney's High School Musical JR is a sure-fire crowd pleaser with its memorable characters and infectious songs. The sport’s numbers in this musical make it a fantastic way to get all students involved in performing and its school setting and modern costumes make it an easy one to stage. 

So log into your MTI Web Account HERE to license any of these wonderful shows, or if none of these take your fancy take a look at the rest of the collection HERE, it is ever growing with new titles being added yearly!

As always Carl, Ian, Rachael and Rupert from our amateur licensing team are always on hand to assist in the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Break a leg!