Rock Nativity

Rock Nativity
The "greatest story ever told" gets a contemporary pop rock treatment in this Holiday musical.


The story of the Nativity is told to a rock beat in this modern "mystery play." Rock Nativity is the UK, Yuletide sensation that was praised as "full of sunlight, high spirits, and love." "It's a show that leaves you happy!" exclaimed another reviewer of this contemporary take on a timeless tale.

A young virgin named Mary is with child. According to ancient prophecy this child is the Jewish Lord incarnate and will be hailed as "King of the Jews". The jealous King Herod foresees this child's birth as his imminent removal from the throne. In his rage, Herod orders that all babies born throughout Jerusalem be slain, but Mary and the world's love for her child, Jesus, will see the young god protected through his infancy - ensuring he will fulfill all the prophecies laid before him.

Rock Nativity is the perfect holiday pageant for today's youth. Flexible casting requirements and a small rock combo it an easy piece for any group to produce. Rock Nativity could also become a fantastic tradition that a theatre revives annually.


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