Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Inspired moments of rejoicing." - Newcastle Journal

"Great fun, and the sheer happiness of the evening is hard to resist. - Evening Argus

"Rock Nativity is no ordinary musical. It not only makes you want to dance and sing long after it s over [& ] a very moving and genuine expression of the birth of Christ [& ] generates the kind of warmth and inspiration reminiscent of a religious revival meeting and a modern version of a medieval mystery play all rolled into one [& ] dazzling."  - Eastern Daily Press

"I am delighted to discover that according to the composers of this musical, Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, Rock Nativity does not necessarily mean primarily loud. It can mean infectious, hummable tunes with light and shade; and rock lyrics, according to this writer, David Wood, can have directness, poetry and wit [& ] I surrendered entirely to its exuberance and sense of theatre."  -Eastern Evening News

"Welcome to a Christmas show which actually celebrates Christmas. [& ]  generates more goodwill than a pyramid of pantomimes." - The Scotsman

"Full of sunlight, high spirits and love. It is brimming with dance, characters and humour and above all some very good music. It s a show that leaves you happy." - Eastbourne Gazette

"Brimming with dance, characters and humor -- and above all some very good music." - Edinburgh Gazette