Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Even the biggest Cotton-Headed-Ninny-Muggins will leave the theatre with a warm festive glow!" - Entertainment Weekly

"A splashy, peppy, sugar-sprinkled holiday entertainment [...] The score is [...] polished, hummable-tune laden and professional." - The New York Times

"Elf The Musical sails by quickly, with energetic and sugary appeal. [...] the show can t be accused failing to entertain. It s a syrupy confection Buddy himself would approve." - The Washingtonian

"Very funny. And warm. [...] Tom Meehan and Bob Martin [...] are just really amusing writers." - The Chicago Tribune

"A tight, polished, expensive-looking affair that has enough jokes for adults and enough special effects for kids." - ABC News

"Elf The Musical is happy enough for families, savvy enough for city kids, and plenty smart for adults!" - Variety

"Jolly holiday entertainment, decked out with a bunch of crowd-rousing songs!" -

"Endearingly goofy!" - USA Today