Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"A work of quality. Its book (by Allan Knee), music (by Jason Howland) and lyrics (by Mindi Dickstein) dare to put complex emotions and intimate relationships over inflated spectacle." - The Chicago Sun-Times

"Allan Knee's script offers long passages of astutely condensed Alcott; Jason Howland's pleasant music, inventively orchestrated by Kim Scharnberg, pulls contemporary shapes out of period waltzes, polkas, and quadrille." - The Village Voice

"Script and score work together nicely, to distinguish this umpteenth version of Little Women as a lovely ode to the creative process." - LA Times

"Family joys and family sorrows are at the heart of [Little Women] [...] It's hard to imagine that this affecting tale could be better told." - Sacramento Bee

"Packed with incredible talent, a fine script by Allan Knee and an effervescent score by composer Jason Howland and lyricist Mindi Dickstein, this one soars." - Deseret Morning News

"Wholesome, family-friendly entertainment [...] pleasant and tuneful." - The Wichita Eagle

"There's sweetness to Little Women that can't, and shouldn't, be denied." - The Tennessean

"A surprisingly innovative and fresh version of this endearing tale. [...] Jason Howland's music and Mindi Dickstein's lyrics blend the story nicely. [...] Allan Knee's script maintains the integrity of the story with its nuance and subplots." - The Flint Journal

Little Women relies on rich characterization, witty dialogue and more than a little class to breathe new life into an oft-told story." - The Appleton Post-Crescent