Jody Edwards

Jody Edwards

Director of Music and Materials

“Musical theatre evokes deep emotional responses from diverse audiences. It makes us feel alive; makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves; helps to give us significance; and serves as a form of comfort when facing challenges. Whether I’m performing, directing, or licensing a show for a small theatre that is thousands of miles away, I love being a part of something that can make such an impact on so many.”

Jody Edwards is the Director of Music and Materials. He has been with MTI since May, 2014. Originally from Denver, CO he has comes to MTI from the Walt Disney Company where he worked in the Entertainment Division as well as the Manager of Training and Development, and Operations. Jody is a professional pianist, theatre director, writer, teacher and actor. His favorite shows include Les Misérables, Next to Normal, Rent, and Spring Awakening.

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