Alex Dangerfield

Alex Dangerfield

Professional Licensing (Europe)

Originally from Lancashire, Alex is – to varying degrees of success – a violinist, pianist, singer and guitarist, with a degree in Music from Durham University.

 After a spell working as a radio presenter, Alex - to the chagrin of at least two listeners – disappeared from the airwaves and found his way into the world of music publishing, joining Josef Weinberger in 2008. Alex worked initially as a member of the Concert Library before moving into his current role in Promotions.

 A large portion of Alex’s formative years were spent in amateur theatre, his favourite roles being Sid in The Pajama Game, Trevor Graydon in Thoroughly Modern Millie and Bobby/Zangler in Crazy for You. Other highlights include the blonde ones he had in his hair for West Side Story. Along the way he met his wife in the chorus of Oklahoma!, although it was his sailor costume in Anything Goes that really swung it.

 These days, much of Alex’s performing involves singing for his daughter, who would (most of the time) prefer that he stopped.

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