Lady in the Dark

Lady in the Dark
The exploration of the psychological implications of dreams with a first-class score by Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin.

Liza Elliott is at the top of her field as the successful editor of a fashion magazine, but her mysteriously profound lack of fulfillment frightens her into psychoanalysis. She has been unsettled by confused and fantastic dreams, the central characters of which are, in various guises, four men: her married lover, a handsome if shallow movie star, the magazine’s flamboyant photographer and her chief nemesis, the cynical advertising manager. 

Uniquely structured like a straight play, the arresting score arrives in extended interludes that dramatize Liza’s dreams. Ultimately, it is the memory of a haunting childhood song that she has been unable to recall that sets her free. This highly enjoyable show includes the hit songs “The Saga of Jenny,” “The Princess of Pure Delight” and “My Ship.” Winner of a 1997 Evening Standard Award for Best Musical.

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