African Jigsaw

African Jigsaw
African Jigsaw is the story of urbanisation in Africa; its effects on traditional ways of life and the casualties left in its wake.

Hunger is not the only problem facing the Third World. African Jigsaw examines the problem of urbanisation in Africa, its effects on tribal life, and the casualties left in its wake. Africa’s shanty towns are home to the victims of “progress.” Many have abandoned their tribal traditions, drawn to the cities with hopes of work and prosperity. Urbanisation is a complex problem faced by most developing countries, and by examining the separate pieces of the jigsaw, Rose and Conlon help young and old alike to come to an understanding of the situation, and to - perhaps - draw their own conclusions on its rights and wrongs. African Jigsaw was the winner of the Ford Conservation Award.

"I can think of few better ways of alerting children to the problems of development and of teaching them the truths of global ecological concerns" - Sir David Attenborough.

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