Video License

Video License

Legally capture your production on video with this special license available for select shows.

Preserve and commemorate your production the right way after all the hard work your cast and creative team have put into the show.  Our Video Licences allow you to make non-commercial (home-use only) video recordings of your production for your archives. Video Licences also allow you to authorise other participants in your production (cast, crew, families) to make recordings for their personal, non-commercial use.

A Note on Recording

Copyright law gives authors the exclusive right to control the reproduction of their work. When MTI grants a Performance Agreement for a live stage production of a show, that agreement does not include the right to video it because the authors retain the sole right to decide when or if their work is recorded in any way. Even a videotape made for classroom use, as a personal memento or as an archival school record violates the authors’ separate right to reproduce their work. In many cases, the authors have already granted such rights exclusively to film or television companies, in which case, you would also be infringing upon the rights granted by the authors to a third party.

It is a condition of the Video Licence that no copies of the recording may be sold to make a profit.

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