Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Everything has been done in the most impeccable taste [...] Lee Pockriss's music is deft and droll. Anne Croswell's book and lyrics are clever [...] the whole performance radiates sly good nature...Even without the music, it would be enough to watch the ingenious turns of Wilde's mad plot and listen to the insufferable embroidery of his dialogue." - The New York Times

"Charming [...] a fresh and likable musical show..excellently played." - New York Post

"It has all the charm and pleasure of a spring bouquet." - New York Herald Tribune

"Presented with bewitching finesse [...] Anne Croswell and Lee Pockriss (managed between them to put a fresh and personal spin on [The Importance of Being Earnest] [...] works flawlessly on its own modest terms." - The Wall Street Journal

"It s worth every penny to hear how neatly this show can work." - EDGE Entertainment

"A charming, delightful work. [...] [Croswell's] clever lyrics wisely do not try to compete with Wilde in wit, but make use of 19th century vocabulary for their rhymes. Pockriss, most famous for the song, 'Catch a Falling Star,' has composed a very melodic and catchy score which includes ballads, patter songs and music hall style numbers." -

"An absolute delight [...] While a lesser lyricist might find it intimidating to match the incomparable Wilde, Croswell does a remarkable job. Her lyrics are full of surprises and she is able to convey grand concepts in tightly formed phrases. [...] This show is an absolute treat, and my favorite thing I've seen in a while." -

"Anne Croswell's book and lyrics follow Wilde's script quite faithfully, and Lee Pockriss's jaunty, lyrical music mirrors the operetta-influenced style of the late 19th century." - New York Daily News