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Based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


Under the terms and conditions of your organisation’s Performance Agreement, the following credits must appear on all advertising (including websites) relating to the production. Credits must be reproduced faithfully in accordance with the following layout. No alterations or deletions can be permitted unless stated below.
Percentages listed indicate required type size in relation to title size.
Based on a Conception of JEROME ROBBINS
Book by
Music by
Lyrics by
Entire Original Production Directed and Choreographed by
Originally Produced on Broadway by Robert E. Griffith and Harold S. Prince
By Arrangement with Roger L. Stevens
In relation to the title "WEST SIDE STORY" which should be the largest in size, type & bold print, the names of the creators ARTHUR LAURENTS, LEONARD BERNSTEIN, STEPHEN SONDHEIM and JEROME ROBBINS shall be 75% of the title in size, type and bold print. The phrase "Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins" shall be 25% of the title in size, type and bold print. The creator's name JEROME ROBBINS in the box shall also be 75% of the title in size, type and bold print. No name of any Author in any capacity shall be larger than any other Author's name.

Licensee represents that it has read the Performance License carefully and, in particular, is fully aware, understands and agrees that under Federal copyright law:
  1. No new music, dialogue, lyrics or anything else may be added to the text included with the rented material;
  2. No material, in whole or in part, in the existing Play may be deleted;
  3. No changes of any kind, including but not limited to changes of music, lyrics or dialogue or change in the period, characters or characterizations in the presently existing Play may be made.
  4. You agree and understand that this license does not give you permission to perform the movie version of the play, in whole or in part. More specifically you may NOT add the male Sharks to the song 'America' or switch the order of the songs 'Cool' and 'Gee, Officer Krupke!'

Video Warning

If you purchase a separate Video Licence to allow non-commercial video recording of this production, you must print the following in your programme: ANY VIDEO RECORDING MADE OF THIS PERFORMANCE IS AUTHORISED FOR PERSONAL, AT-HOME, NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. THE SALE OR DISTRIBUTION OF SUCH RECORDING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW. If you do not purchase a separate Video Licence then you must print the following in your programme: The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.