Lebo M

Lebo M is known as the voice and spirit of The Lion King. Once a teenage singer in Soweto, the GRAMMY® Award winner and TONY® nominee s music brings audiences to tears with hauntingly inspiring African rhythms and melodies. Lebo s talents have been hailed by the worldwide press in superlatives that might describe the most delightfully poetic of musical deities. Since his arrival in America, Lebo has attracted music industry giants such as Quincy Jones, Jimmy Cliff, and Hans Zimmer as mentors, allies, and collaborators. Lebo has performed and produced four albums, Rhythm of the Pride Lands (Disney), Deeper Meaning (Gallo), and The Lion King (Japanese and Hamburg cast recordings). Other credits include The Power of One, Back on the Block, and Listen Up with Quincy Jones; the feature films Outbreak (Warner Bros.), Congo(Warner Bros.), and Born to Be Wild (Paramount); and the Disney television special People. He has performed on the Academy Awards® and the Essence Awards, with Vanessa Redgrave at Kthimi: The Return in Kosovo, and has been honored by Artists for a Free South Africa.

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