One Touch Of Venus

One Touch of Venus

Modern art collector Whitelaw Savory unearths a long-lost statue of Venus of Anatolia and is thrilled to display her in his New York museum. But when a naïve young barber named Rodney unwittingly brings the statue to life, Venus fixes her affections on him and pursues him all over New York. Rodney’s shrewish fiancée doesn’t like this one bit, and Savory will do anything including framing Rodney for murder to recover his beloved statue. Rodney keeps trying to set things right, and poor Venus can’t understand why he doesn’t respond to her seductions. After a series of comic setups and mix ups involving a couple of thugs, a nagging mother, a wisecracking secretary, some ancient Anatolians and a good dose of Olympian magic, earthly order is restored and new love found.

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