Cast Size: Small (Up to 10 performers)
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: None

Character Breakdown

Man 1

Mike Dillard, ironworker.


Gender: male
Man 2

Al Calinda, parking lot attendant.

Frank Decker, interstate trucker.

Tom Patrick, fireman.


Gender: male
Man 3

Rex Winship, corporate executive.

Anthony Coelho, stone mason.

Joe Zutty, retired.


Gender: male
Man 4

Conrad Swibel, UPS delivery man.

"Mason" Soloist. 

Ralph Werner, salesman.


Gender: male
Man 5

Roberto Nunez, boxboy and migrant worker.

Other trucker. 

Charlie Blossom, ex-copy boy.


Gender: male
Woman 1

Amanda McKenny, project manager.

Grace Clements, millworker.

Enid Dubois, telephone solicitor.

Maggie Holmes, cleaning woman.


Gender: female
Woman 2

Rose Hoffman, schoolteacher.

Candy Cottingham, political fundraiser.

Delores Dante, waitress.


Gender: female
Woman 3

Babe Secoli, supermarket checker. 

Roberta Victor, hooker.

"Millwork" soloist.

Sharon Atkins, receptionist.


Gender: female
Woman 4

Kate Rushton, housewife.

Heather Lamb, telephone operator.


Gender: female