The Fix

The Fix
This clever and pointed satire exposes the steamy underbelly of American political corruption.

With a driving, riveting rock score, The Fix, is a biting, dark, and laugh-out-loud satire of the presidential election process. The show originally opened at London's Donmar Warehouse in 1997 and was nominated for four Olivier awards.

The Fix opens with the scandalous death of Presidential shoo-in Senator Reed Chandler. Senator Reed's wife and brother are left distraught and seek a way to remain in the political spotlight so they set their sights on the Senator's pot-smoking son who may show promise with the right polish. Young Cal Chandler can't even fathom the twists and turns this political roller coaster his mother and uncle are strapping him to will take. All he can do is hold on and hope for the best.

A powerful, foreboding, and hysterical time at the theater, The Fix has a gripping presence that will leave audiences breathless. If your group is looking for a piece that revels in uniqueness and intelligence, The Fix is a perfect choice for you and your patrons.



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