Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Anyone interested in glimpsing the future of the American musical theater would do well to catch this new revue. [& ] The songs some of them close to miniature plays capture a wide variety of moods, from sweetly contemplative to sturdily inspirational. " - The Hollywood Reporter

"Brown is dizzily, unabashedly confident, and infuses his songs with optimism, as the hummable title song, The New World, suggests. [& ] The revue drifts through a series of gospel-driven ballads, funky R&B s, drolly funny set pieces and heart-twisting love songs, the lyrics shot through with wit, intelligence, and enthusiasm for life s crazy possibilities." - Time Out New York

"[Jason Robert Brown] manages to combine the tuneful accessibility of Alan Mencken [sic[ with the probing introspection of Stephen Sondheim, a combination that should prove irresistible in a full-fledged book musical.  Here the revue style tantalizes, giving several glimpses at Brown s gifts without placing them in any overarching context. [& ] he looms as a possible bridge between the old-style show-stoppers and the more recent character studies.  You tap your toes while thinking long and hard about what you re watching.  The kid is good." - Backstage

"The show s best numbers are illuminated by character and wit." - The New York Times

"The power [Brown] exhibits attacking the keyboard is similarly evident in his music which has a great sense of propulsion, a genuine sense of drama.  He is equally skillful at creating harmonies and using the four voices to good dramatic effect." - New York Daily News