José Fernandez

José Fernandez

José Fernandez began his theatrical career as an actor. On Broadway, THE ME NOBODY KNOWS, for which he received The Variety Critic's Poll Nomination for Best Actor, as well as HAIR, TRUCKLOAD and TWO GENTLEMEN of VERONA. José's turns as a writer includes the Off-Broadway musical, EL BRAVO!, produced by Kenneth Waissman and has co-authored several comedies. In 1984, with David De Silva, he began the task of transforming FAME into a new and timeless musical. Born in Cuba and raised in New York City, he died at 46, but not before he saw FAME in Stockholm, in 1993. Performed in Swedish it was this hit production that launched the global FAME phenomenon. The theater filled with youngsters, many with their parents, Jose carefully observed the reactions, hushed gasps and teary eyes, thunderous applause and joyous laughter. He needed no further evidence; convinced of the impact the show would have on the world.

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