Sweeney Todd: School Edition

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April 12, 2009
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Is Sweeney Todd: School Edition doable in a high school setting? I've heard a lot of debate on this topic. What do you think? I'd love to do Sweeney Todd as our 2010 musical!
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November 15, 2009
You can always have more people in your ensemble. It makes it more realistic if you have a bigger ensemble to show the town that Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett live in. Actors can also get creative with their storyline for their character and have a lot of fun with it.

November 13, 2009
I thought about doing this show, but it seems like a very small cast.. and the music is very difficult. I would love to do it, but we usually have a cast of 15-20 and I really don't want to downsize too much. We went to 12 for Godspell and we had to cut a lot of great people.

June 26, 2009
My high school actually did Sweeney Todd before the School Edition was available. It was definitely a challenge, but everyone committed themselves to learning the material and had a great time. I hope you get the chance to do Sweeney soon, Josh!

May 9, 2009
I was just in Sweeney Todd: School Edition at my high school. It was wonderful! While the music was difficult my peers pushed themseleves to the best of their ability. We were very proud of the outcome of our performances. Its been two weeks since our performances and we are still hearing compliments!

May 9, 2009
That's great! I'm glad you had a wonderful production. There's no way that we could perform Sweeney Todd: School Editon as a high school for next school year because the musical has been changed to the fall, causing our male lead from last year, our only Sweeney Todd, to not be a part of it because of other committments. I would love to perform in Sweeney Todd as it is my favorite musical but I'll just have to wait until the opportunity comes.