Sample of video of a streamed show?

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October 1, 2020
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Do you have any examples of a filmed show that was shot during Covid? Meaning either through zoom or self taped?

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January 17, 2021

We (Ferris State University Theatre) just got through with an online production of MTI's The Theory of Relativity

available on  (no charge)  We ran into some issues (especially since this is our first time doing anything like this)  but it might be helpful to you.  I myself am looking for shows (not just musicals) that were done exclusively on Zoom LIVE (as the Big One-0 is great but very engineered and doesn't look like it could have been done all LIVE [what with the specific screen splits etc.])  But I have to watch it again. The biggest issue is syncing up music and rehearsing music on Zoom--NOT easy as the lag)

Staff Answer
October 7, 2020

Hi! We currently do not have an archives of such examples for that show, but you can see examples of The Big One-Oh! Online Edition on its show page:

Hope that helps!