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March 24, 2021
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My organization is in the process of securing rights through MTI to produce Godspell. We intend to purchase rights for streaming as well, but it appears that MTI requires the use of ShowTix4U for all streaming performances. We already have a ticketing and marketing platform. Can we use a third party to stream the performances instead of ShowTix4U? If not, are there plans to make third parties an option in the future? 


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March 29, 2021

Hi there! We hope you have a blast with Godspell! Currently, ShowTix4U must be used for the streaming of MTI titles. With ShowTix4U - organizations can sell tickets to live and streamed events, capture, and stream performances in one solution. If an organization is required or chooses to use its own ticketing platform for live events, ShowTix4U can be used for just your streaming events. If you are in a contract with a ticketing service you should defer to your contract to see if it restricts you from using streaming platforms. If you are required to use your ticketing service for ticketing streamed events, please contact ShowTix4U on how you can generate Stream Access Codes to import into a third-party system.