FAQ - Resources

In addition to providing the basic materials necessary to produce a show, MTI Europe also creates and provides instructional, educational and production materials as ancillary products that make production easier and promote the use of musical theatre in the classroom and other educational settings. They provide educators with the tools they need to put on live musical theatre, enhance their productions and maintain the integrity of the work.
Theatrical resources which are available from MTI Europe include: logo packs, RehearScore, study guides, transposition on demand and production slides.
Further information is available here

Logos, like other elements of a production are covered by copyright and trademark law. Generally the rights to an original logo will be controlled by the artist, or in some cases by the producer if the artist produced the logo on a ‘for hire’ basis. Using the original logo without obtaining permission is prohibited. Many organisations design their own logos – this is absolutely fine so long as the logo is not similar to that of the original. MTI Europe has obtained rights to license the use of certain logos. Logos can legally be used in conjunction with the promotion of a show - on posters, programmes and flyers.

We would love nothing more than to say ‘yes’! However, with most musicals, the mechanical (video) rights are simply not available. This is usually because the owner of the mechanical rights does not wish for their work to be filmed.Often film studios can have an ‘option’ of video rights (they pay money to secure the rights should they wish to produce a full movie) which again means rights are not available. Some studios have made very famous films , thus owning film rights in perpetuity and will not allow other films to be made, even by community theatre groups or schools.
MTI Europe is however, able to grant video rights for a small number of the shows where mechanical rights have been made available. There is usually a fee for one archive recording and another for making up to 100 copies to give to your cast and crew (not to be sold at profit/as merchandise). 
Shows with video rights available include: all Disney shows and around 40 other shows we represent.