Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire
A musical fantasy which takes its inspiration from ancient Japanese folk tales designed for young performers.

DRAGON FIRE takes its inspiration from ancient Japanese folk tales. It tells of a village terrorised by a ferocious fire-eating Dragon. Patches, a cheeky child, is the only villager brave enough to make the perilous journey across the mountains to visit the wise Goddess who can reveal how the Dragon can be defeated. DRAGON FIRE tells the story of her journey, of the strange creatures she encounters along the way, and of her meeting with the Goddess. The story ends with Patches’ triumphant and ingenious defeat of the Dragon. DRAGON FIRE was written for an all-girl cast, but can equally be performed by boys or mixed groups. The size of the cast is flexible. There are seven main parts, and six groups of other characters, who can double up as necessary. The ideal age range is 9-13.


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