Divorce Me, Darling!

Divorce Me, Darling!
This sequel to the classic charmer, "The Boy Friend," is a delightful tribute to the musicals of the 1930s.

Divorce Me, Darling! is the perfect sequel to Sandy Wilson's hit musical, The Boy Friend. A loving homage to the musicals of the 1930s, this second outing is packed with dizzying dance numbers, zany plot twists and a delightful score.

Polly and her friends are back in Nice for some fun in the sun without their husbands. They discover handsome, ex-playboy, Bobby Van Husen, is also in town… "sans" his wife and their old schoolmate, Maisie. When they spend an evening catching up, the door to yet another series of misunderstandings and complications is opened. This time, it involves a tell-tale lipstick smear, a trio of health nuts, a mysterious cabaret singer and a plot to assassinate a South American president. When Maisie and the girls' husbands descend on Nice, though, divorce is in the air!

Divorce Me, Darling! is a brilliantly unique choice for a theatre company to close its season, especially if they opened it with The Boy Friend. The talent pool would already be honed and prepped, and audiences would love to see their favorite characters return to the French Riveria, where they all fell in love.



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