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Streaming an MTI Show

License and stream your next amateur production with MTI. Digitally celebrate live theatre while creating an additional revenue stream for your school/amateur group.

Click here for our current list of available titles to stream.

Does social distancing mean that you can't reach your usual audience numbers?
Are you needing to grow your audiences in order to cover additional costs related to the pandemic? 
We are thrilled to introduce our new Streaming Licence for schools and amateur organisations, which aims to celebrate and showcase live theatre during these unprecedented times. 

For a small Streaming Licence Fee of £75 as well as a royalty of 15% per online ticket sold (the minimum royalty per performance will apply), MTI can grant you rights for up to three different types of Streaming Licence*:

Live-Streaming: Sell tickets and stream a live event in real-time.
Scheduled Content: Sell tickets and stream pre-recorded content you schedule for viewing at a fixed time or times.
Video On Demand: Upload a pre-recorded video of your event or previous productions for patrons to purchase and watch on-demand.

*Not every show will have the same Streaming Rights available. For a full list of shows click here.

MTI offers Remote Performance Rights for select titles – the ability to produce the show with cast members performing remotely rather than live onstage. Remote Performance Rights allow you to use video conferencing technology (e.g. Zoom) or other recording methods to create and capture a “Remote Performance” of your musical to be shown on a password-protected streaming platform. Learn more and see shows available for Remote Performance Rights.

Would you like a breakdown of all the different remote/virtual options? Check out this helpful chart!

There are four easy steps:
1. Obtain a Performance Agreement (new productions only)
2. Request your Streaming Licence
3. Produce and Stream your production on a secure, password-protected platform
4. Submit a Declaration of Ticket Sales for both your live production (if applicable) and your streamed performances.

Click here for our current list of available titles to stream.

We've broken down each step in detail below. Please read these steps thoroughly to acclimate yourself with this exciting new resource.

A Note About Streaming

MTI has worked closely with authors and other rightsholders to make streaming available to amateur groups who are eager to present their shows during these challenging times, despite the unprecedented obstacles producers face in bringing audiences into their theatres.

While the streaming option can deliver a stage performance to remote viewers, we feel strongly that streaming is not a comparable substitute for a live, “in-person” theatrical experience. Theatre is unique in the person-to-person connection it offers to audiences and performers alike and we look forward to the day when streamed performances are no longer necessary to support our customers engaging in this great art form.

Step 1. Obtain a Performance Agreement

If you're wanting to stream a new production then you'll first need to apply via the application process on our website for performance rights to the show of your choice. You'll need to tell us exactly when and where your live performances will take place.

Stream a past production
If you are you looking to stream Scheduled Content or obtain Video On Demand rights for a previously recorded production for which you purchased a Video Licence, then you are not required to obtain a new Performance Agreement. 

Step 2. Obtain a Streaming Licence

Complete the Request a Streaming Licence form. You will be asked to complete a series of questions about your proposed streaming activity and then, if appropriate, furnished with the relevant Streaming Licence.
The £75 Streaming Licence Fee and the royalty rate per online ticket sold (the minimum royalty per performance will apply) will be quoted on your Streaming Licence. You should read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing and returning a copy to us.

Please note that not every show will have the same Streaming Rights available (in some cases all three options will be available, while others may be limited to one type of license). Additionally, not every show in our catalog is available to stream.

Step 3. Produce and Stream

Break a leg - it's showtime! Your show must be streamed as it is supplied to you in the performance materials. No changes to the book, music or lyrics are permitted without obtaining prior permission from MTI, as per the terms and conditions of your Performance Agreement and Streaming Licence. 

Stream your recorded performance directly to audiences via our our approved streaming partner, ShowShare, or alternatively you can use a private, secure (password-protected) streaming platform of your choice. Distributing the video performance via social media (including, but not limited to Facebook) or on YouTube is not permitted.

We are delighted to partner with ShowShare who are our approved streaming partner.

ShowShare is a one-stop streaming tool to help you with every stage of streaming your production. It makes streaming secure, straightforward and affordable. Once you have obtained your Streaming Licence from us, simply visit and click 'get in touch'. You'll be provided with a ShowShare team member who will help you get your event on sale and streamed successfully to your audience. 
From productions on Zoom through to productions filmed in your theatre, ShowShare allows you to reach your digital audience quickly and easily.

Step 4. Declaration of Ticket Sales

Within 14 days of your final performance (live and/or online), you must declare your gross ticket income via our usual online form

You will then receive an invoice detailing royalty and rental fees due for your 'live' performances (if applicable) as well as detailing the £75 Streaming Licence Fee and royalties due for online/streamed performances.