Now Available: Dot and the Kangaroo JR.

Now Available: Dot and the Kangaroo JR.

We're thrilled to release rights to the first ever Australian Broadway Junior title Dot and the Kangaroo JR., we invite you to ‘hop to’ and explore!

Based on the 1899 novel of the same name, with Book by Daniel Stoddart, Music by Daniel J. Mertzlufft, and Lyrics by Kate Leonard, Dot and the Kangaroo will lead audiences on a beautiful journey into the world and spirit of Australia.

Young, rambunctious Dot longs for an adventure exploring everything the country has to offer. When she finds herself lost and afraid in the darkening Australian bush, Dot befriends a wise mother Kangaroo who enlists the help of Australia’s favourite bush creatures to help Dot find her way back home. A charming tale full of quirky Aussie-native characters, Dot and the Kangaroo JR transforms the endearing story that transfixed generations past into a fresh, new adventure for generations to come.

Dot Kangaroo

Be among the first to captivate your audiences with Dot, the Kangaroo and all their friends in this endearing and uniquely Australian tale and its inaugural journey on stage!


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