Now Available: Choreography Video Guides

Now Available: Choreography Video Guides

MTI is delighted to announce a significant expansion of our collaboration with Broadway Media, with the introduction of Choreography Guides to our extensive theatrical resource library.

Developed in partnership with acclaimed Tony Award-winning director/choreographer Jerry Mitchell, Choreography Guides is a groundbreaking digital video resource tailored for the theatre community. These guides provide invaluable insights into professional choreography, meticulously crafted for schools, amateur groups and Broadway JR editions of popular titles.

Each guide offers a comprehensive breakdown of steps, staging, and intentions, accompanied by essential tips and tricks for seamless adaptation. "This platform serves a dual purpose of inspiring and empowering younger performers, enabling them to learn from Broadway heavyweights," remarks Paul Canaan, Creative Director of Broadway Media. "By accessing these guides, performers can observe, learn, and be inspired from established techniques, while also developing their unique artistic voice."

“Choreography Guides represent more than just a preservation effort; they signify a significant leap in access to professional choreography”, adds Ryan Macaulay, Director of Operations, Education & Development at MTI. “Previously, licensing choreography for amateur productions was limited to a select few musicals, and now through our partnership with Broadway Media, MTI will offer an extensive and growing catalogue of professional choreography.”

MTI and Broadway Media are set to license choreography from smash hits including Legally Blonde, Kinky Boots, Hairspray, Elf the Musical, Shrek the Musical, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, among others. As Broadway Media expands its reach in the United Kingdom and Europe, plans are underway to feature more renowned West End and Broadway choreographers.

"Choreography Guides provide a user-friendly solution for theatre-makers, enhancing production value while serving as an educational tool for performers to study under the world’s most renowned choreographers," states Quentin Sanford, President of Broadway Media. "At Broadway Media, we are committed to breaking down barriers to the performing arts, and it’s in this spirit that we’ve partnered with MTI to launch Choreography Guides.”

Celebrating the launch of Choreography Guides with MTI, Paul Canaan led an educational workshop at the Junior Theatre Festival in Birmingham, England, on 18th and 19th May 2024. “It is thrilling to see the excitement these guides are creating”, Canaan said, “Especially when people realise how effective and easy the guides are to use!”

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