A Message from MTI Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Message from MTI Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATED: 18th May 2020

MTI is working diligently to make sure we can respond to your questions and inquiries in light of the Coronavirus. Our first priority is the safety of our customers and their organisations as well as our staff and partners.

We have gathered some information that we hope will help clarify our policies and inform your decisions moving forward. Please check back here for updates:

Cancellations and Postponements

You can request MTI to approve a postponement or a cancellation of your production. 

TO POSTPONE YOUR PRODUCTION: Please send an email with your updated dates to your Licensing Representative or to shows@mtishows.co.uk. In light of the unique situation we will waive any additional rental fees that might be due due to a postponement. While we cannot anticipate every circumstance, we do not expect that any such rescheduling requests will be denied unless a proposed "new" performance date cannot be allowed due to a pre-existing restriction.
Please note: we are unable to postpone productions without some indication of when you might want to stage the production. Even just a rough idea of a month is fine – we can always adjust that as your plans firm up.

TO CANCEL YOUR PRODUCTION: Please send an email to just one member of the MTI licensing team, informing them of your need to cancel because of the current, unprecedented circumstances. All rental materials currently in your possession should be returned as our Hire LIbrary as you are able to and, if your final performance was due to take place before 31st December 2020, all cancellation fees will be waived. 
Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund for purchases of Broadway Junior shows.


Shipments for upcoming productions:
As a business, we have had to make some difficult decisions to protect our own staff and, with that in mind, all MTI staff are now working from home resulting in the indefinite closure of our Hire Library. We currently have no alternative means of despatching materials and, as a consequence, MTI will not be automatically despatching materials for forthcoming productions until further notice. 

Rental material returns:
Our hire library is currently closed. If you have rental materials that are due to be returned, we ask that you keep hold of them for the time being until we are in a position to re-open our library. We will be waiving all replacement fees for delayed material returns.

Please note: Rental materials must still be returned at a more opportune time. Please keep these materials secure in the interim and communicate with your cast, crew and orchestra members not to discard any materials.


We understand that you may have difficulty in receiving details of your ticket sales revenue at this time of upheaval and uncertainty and, therefore, be unable to complete the online ticket sales declaration within the 14 day grace period.  Therefore, we will be waiving the late return fee for delayed online ticket sales declarations for the foreseeable future.


At this time, we are unable to consider offering streaming rights for performances. We regret any disappointment this may cause.

MTI is committed to supporting our customers during this uncertain time and, with this in mind, we are currently exploring the possiblity of offering streaming rights in the future via a new online platform. The new streaming platform, which will initially be available in North America before a full roll out worldwide, will allow streamed productions to reach family, friends and patrons in their own homes.

A list of titles that might be available and an expected launch date is currently unavailable. We will update these pages as/when the situation develops.


We at MTI always appreciate the incredibly entertaining and uplifting videos witnessed online and on social media, especially over these last few weeks.

While we encourage you to continue sharing your gifts and talents, we ask that you please read these User Generated Content Guidelines for some great suggestions on getting the most out of your Fan Video. Please tag @mtieurope

Message from Managing Director, Sean Gray

March 12, 2020

Dear Customers,

Across Europe, the Coronavirus crisis is having a serious and growing impact on the theatre and on life in general. We at MTI are monitoring news outlets and government sites in order to stay abreast of the situation, and we know that you are too. Many countries have closed their large theatres, schools and cultural centres and we await updates from our government on their plans to manage the situation as it develops. By the time you read this, there may well have been further developments.

An increasing number of concerned licensees are contacting us to ask for advice regardingyour upcoming productions. Simply, if you cannot perform your show as a result of the Coronavirus response, we will change your performance dates where this is possible (we will need to verify that alternate dates do not clash with those of other licensees). Any licensees forced to cancel and unable to postpone to a later date should contact our licensing department to discuss their licence. At this time, in the United Kingdom, the decision as to whether to proceed still rests with each producer, artistic director, principal, or teacher with decision-making authority. In some European states, the decision has already been made by the authorities. The priority for us all, it goes without saying, is the health and safety of our communities.

Your licensing contacts (our wonderful licensing team Rupert Sharp, Ian Reeder and Ryan Macaulay and our receptionist Stephanie Parker) are here to answer questions and, where necessary, process changes to existing licenses. (We do ask for your patience as we work to address everyone's needs. We also ask that you hold off on inquiries and requests that are not time-sensitive). While there may be pre-existing conflicts or restrictions when rescheduling your performances, we will do what we can to minimise the impact on your organisation and your production.

We are hopeful that the coming days will offer more clarity into the nature and scope of this situation. MTI has the capability for our licensing staff to work remotely if necessary and we expect no interruption to the customer service you expect of us. You are an extension of the MTI family and we take pride in the service we provide for you and for the authors we represent. We offer you our sincere wishes that you, your friends, and your family remain safe and healthy during this time.

Theatre people and all of us in the arts are optimistic and irrepressible. The show WILL go on, now or later, and MTI is still here to help make your experience as smooth and memorable as possible.

Sean Gray
Managing Director
Music Theatre International (Europe) Ltd.