Help me expand roles in the musical Little Women

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November 30, 2009
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I am directing Little Women this Spring. I know it says that you can have as many as 40 in the cast but I am not sure I can get the teenagers psyched about being Monks and Trolls- help please? any suggestions appreciated.
3 Answers

January 14, 2010
Marty, Philip and Colleen have made great suggestions. I have heard from many groups who have gone both routes. There ofcourse is always the option to double cast the entire show, but that then doubles your job!

January 3, 2010
We did this two years ago. It took some convincing - especially since we had done MILLIE the year before. We made the troll/hag choreography really cool. The monks did not have much. We also had 8-10 couples dancing at the Christmas party. Basically, we had to convince them how great the show/story was as a whole and that the chorus time commitment was light. We had done huge productions, but this change was well worth it. Have a great show. Philip Glenn Burleson HS Choir, Burleson, TX

January 3, 2010
You can separate the double casting in the "dream sequences" adding some solo work for up to 15 instead of the 8 or 9 that the show is written for. You can also add an ice skating party.