Craig Christie

Craig Christie

For over 40 years, Craig Christie has created diverse plays and musicals for educational, community, and commercial audiences. With 40+ professional productions since 1990, his innovative shows have toured globally.

A former teacher in English, Literature, Drama, and Humanities, Craig annually produces original musicals for primary schools during Children’s Book Week, captivating over 2.5 million children worldwide. His upcoming production, SUPER DUPER, aims to engage more than 120,000 Australian students this August/September. Family-friendly shows like JUNGLE BUNGLE achieved great success at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe and in Tampa Bay, Florida in 2015.

Craig made waves in commercial music theatre with CRUSADE (1998), a groundbreaking concert at the Melbourne Concert Hall and later at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2000). Notable musicals include THE WHITE ROSE (2003) and the international hit EUROBEAT. EUROBEAT won Best New Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2007), touring the UK and enjoying a West End season (2008). The sequel, EUROBEAT – MOLDOVA, premiered in 2016, earning acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

As a playwright and songwriter, Craig’s diverse works include community projects like WATER INTO WINE (2000) and RIGHT WHERE WE ARE (2002). Notably, his musical HEY FLORENCE! was commissioned by the Department for Cultural Enrichment of Vanderbilt University Hospital, USA, premiered in 2009, and has since garnered standing ovations in New York, Singapore, and Nashville.

Exploring contemporary themes, Craig addressed cyberbullying with MY FRIENDS DOT COM (2009) and CONNECTED (2014), receiving positive responses in schools and commercial theatre. GET ON WITH IT was co-developed with British writer Amy Golden and premiered in London in July 2016. The newest version in the Eurobeat phenomena, EUROBEAT: THE PRIDE OF EUROPE, has already seen performances both live and streamed across the globe. Most recently, his new musical, VILLAINY, premiered in Melbourne in 2023.

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