Critical Reaction

Critical Reaction

"Purveyed with some lilting songs and lyrics plus a moral that kids certainly should approve: Doubting parents aside, kids should always be allowed the freedom to make their own mistakes." - Daily News

"A musical replete with light, tuneful ditties with witty lyrics that remind you of Into The Woods without the angst. [& ] What s winning about this Rapunzel  is that no one is helpless especially the female characters. The show is about helping each other out, providing what another person may lack. [& ] With robust humor and compassion, Rapunzel shows the importance of just letting go." - DC Theatre Scene

"Energetic, colorful, and upbeat, just right for the young audiences they cater to. The story is told through dialogue sprinkled with some melodic and comedic songs that aid in moving the story along and holding children s attention." - MD Theatre Guide

"Gives a unique spin on the beloved story through the use of music, dance, and subtle plot tweaks while also celebrating its true spirit, striking a favorable balance between both classic and modern influences." - DC Metro TheaterArts

"The tale's upbeat tone is reflected in Skloff's perky music (which pays occasional homage to Renaissance court dances)." - The Washington Post