This electrifying rock musical voices the desires of a generation yearning for a greater understanding of their world.


With a Billboard #8 hit in its score, Salvation is a modern, sexy look at one of the oldest, most discussed concepts in the world. The Off-Broadway cast of this religious exploration featured stars such as Barry Bostwick and Bette Midler.

Monday is obsessed with extolling the "good book's" virtues and desperate to "save" everyone with whom he comes in contact. A small group of urbanites are his most recent charges, and as each confesses their sexual sins to him, he provides them with the recourse he believes they need. Time and time again the issues of desire and arousal arise which causes them all to question the line separating right from wrong between the sheets and between their legs. Will they ever be able to truly find Salvation?

Brilliantly graphic and edgy with a rock score to match, Salvation is an ideal choice for a theatre with bold intentions. It's not for the faint of heart, but rather the sharp of mind. It will undoubtedly leave audiences with an strong impression and inspire countless conversations - which is the purpose of effective art, after all, isn't it?



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