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Book and Lyrics by Jake Brunger
Music and Lyrics by Pippa Cleary

Commissioned and produced by the National Youth Music Theatre
and first performed on Wednesday 12
th August 2015 at the St. James Theatre, London 

The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.
Amid a backstage drama of teenage hormones and parental pressure, five finalists gather to compete to be Britain’s best new classical music star.
Show Essentials
+ Ensemble

Full Synopsis

Act 1 

We meet the contestants and parents of new classical music reality show Prodigy (Proud). Among the five finalists is precocious Kate,a rising star in the classical world and daughter of acclaimed flautist Eileen Kavanagh (Just Like You). Backstage, youngest contestant Claire tells of how her instrument helps to cure her anxiety disorder (My Clarinet) and trumpeter Rupert reveals his long-standing bitter rivalry with classmate Kate (Why I Hate Kate). The parents watch their children recording their video interviews, during which percussionist Luke is cynically forced to reveal on camera that he took up playing the drums after the death of his mother (Apple Of My Eye)

Later that day, Kate and Luke argue in a practice room, leading to a spark between them as they play their pieces in a passionate improvised duet (Really Good). Meanwhile, rehearsing on set with the conductor, Jessie’s recently separated parents storm the stage, fighting over her style of playing, whilst Jessie secretly reveals her dream of being a songwriter (Block out the Noise). After a late night argument with her mum over her growing attraction to Luke, Kate persuades Luke to escape the hotel and break into Hyde Park so they can be together (Act One Finale).

Act 2

On hearing that two of the contestants have snuck out of the hotel with cigarettes and vodka, producer Melissa is gleeful about the potential scandal it will cause (Good TV). Luke and Kate are discovered in Hyde Park in the middle of the night and Luke is forced to falsely confess to leading her astray. Dave, Luke’s father, persuades him to leave the competition and keep his dignity (Walk Away). Back in the hotel, Claire’s sister Chloe and Rupert’s brother Harry lament how their parents ignore them in favour of their more talented siblings (We’ve Got Talent Too)

The next day, the competition begins (Prodigy) with the five finalists grabbing a final moment of calm before the live TV broadcast (Just a Moment). The final goes disastrously wrong (The Competition) and Luke returns, storming the stage to play his piece (Really Good Reprise). Backstage, Eileen realises she needs to let Kate grow up and be her own person (Mother’s Shoes)

Jessie is announced as the winner, and finally shows her parents her songwriting talents – live on air (Say It In Song).



Cast Size: Large (21 or more performers)
Cast Type: Ensemble Cast
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Kate Cavanagh

A champion flautist from Tunbridge Wells. One of the Prodigy finalists.

Gender: female
Luke Jackson

A self-taught percussionist from Scunthorpe. One of the Prodigy finalists. Always dresses in black (the dark outsider).

Gender: male

A trumpeter who attends the prestigious music colelge Chethams in Manchester. One of the Prodigy finalists. His family are based in Singapore, where his Father is the High Commissioner. He is 17.

Gender: male
Claire Lewis

A clarinettists from Leeds. The youngest Prodigy finalist (she is 14).

Jessica Prince

A pianist from Brighton. A 15-year old Prodigy finalist with a secret voice. Wants to write her own songs.

Gender: female
Eileen Cavanagh

Kate's mum. She is a hugely acclaimed, world-renowned flautist. Pushy and preened.

Gender: female
Dave Jackson

Luke's dad. A northerner and 'real' bloke who's out of his comfort zone in London.

Gender: male
Dan Davis

A former child prodigy, now a top TV presenter; think Blue Peter and Countryfile.

Gender: male
Jenny Jones

A pin-up presenter. She's been hired for her looks and hasn't got a clue about classical music.

Gender: female
Melissa Marconi

The TV producer. She is blunt, cutting and pretentious. Mid 40s.

Gender: female

Melissa's assistant. He is 24, bright and eager-eyed but a little beleaguered by Melissa's unorthodox producing methods.

Gender: male

The concert conductor. Hugely acclaimed in his field, he is a passionate teacher who will work hard to bring out the best in people.

Gender: male
Stefan Sadowski

Competition judge and conductor of the Polish Symphony Orchestra. He is fiery and passionate. A reformed alcoholic.

Gender: male
Veronica Van Camp

Competition judge and trumpet teacher at the Royal College of Music. In a word, she is scary!

Gender: female

Competition judge and a cast member of The Only Way is Essex. She's 'the celebrity'.

Gender: female
George & Susan

Rupert's parents. George is the High Commissioner to Singapore and Susan is a proud diplomat's wife. They are well spoken, immaculate and well mannered.

Ian & Jennifer Lewis

Claire's parents. Warm and friendly 'ordinary folk' who are delighted with their daughter's success.

Sally & Anthony Prince

Jessie's parents. They are divorced and don't get on. Anthony is a strict, disciplinarian. Sally is a hippy and lives on a boat.