Luther Davis

Luther Davis

Luther Davis (author). In collaboration with Robert Wright and George Forrest, Luther Davis wrote KISMET, TIMBUKTU and two singular productions based on Vicki Baum s novel Grand Hotel: AT THE GRAND for Los Angeles and San Francisco Light Opera Association and the famous Broadway musical version, GRAND HOTEL-The Musical.

Among the plays he has written are: KISS THEM FOR ME, THEY VOTED YES and CHANGING THE WORLD. He has written fifteen movies, many television specials and co-produced Stephen MacDonald s play, NOT ABOUT HEROES, Off Broadway.

He has been nominated for three Tony Awards®, winning one. He has won two Mystery Writer of America Edgar Allen Poe awards and been nominated many times by the Writer s Guild of America and the League of American Theaters and Producers.

He is the father of two and an enthusiastic supporter of Zero Population Growth.

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