Jen Diffell

Jen Diffell

Music Resource Specialist

"My favorite part of working at MTI is the opportunity to combine my passion for musical theater with my love of working with music software. When I use Finale to create a customized transposition, or Digital Performer to craft the latest RehearScore, I take great pride in knowing that I'm helping a fellow musical theater enthusiast have a better experience as they rehearse and perform their show. I also love the occasional trips to NYC from my home office in the Washington, DC suburbs. It's so much fun to connect with my colleagues and check out the Broadway scene in person!"

Jennifer started as a freelancer with MTI in 2006, first helping with transpositions, later creating RehearScores. In 2017 she became a full-time employee as a Music Resource Specialist in the Materials Department. The performing arts have always been a big part of her life: piano and church choir as a child, singing in musicals ever since she was a teen, a cappella music at William & Mary (where she majored in music and taught herself Finale), community theater, and most importantly, singing "Twinkle Twinkle" in her current lead role as "Mom".

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