New Streaming Licences Now Available!

New Streaming Licences Now Available!

Digitally celebrate live theatre while creating an additional revenue stream for your school/amateur group.

Schools and amateur organisations are now able to obtain the rights to stream live musicals, as well as, in some cases, streaming pre-recorded productions that have already been captured under our Video Licence. Well over 50 shows are already available in this manner, with more to be added as we obtain the relevant approval.

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"The current pandemic has made licensing and performing shows in the traditional manner extremely difficult. Social distancing will be here for a while, and we wanted to find a way to allow the schools and amateur groups we care about to stage their productions in a manner that is both safe and financially viable. We're thrilled that many of our authors and Rightsowners are allowing their shows to be be streamed in this new way. We're living in a new world and the only way the art form we all love so much will survive and thrive is through innovation. We hope this makes a difference to the thousands of organisations we serve in the UK and across Europe." - Ryan Macaulay, Amateur Licensing, MTI Europe

lease note that MTI is working to provide streaming for as many shows as possible. The list of available titles will change over time, based on the availability of those rights from the authors and Rightsholders.