Scenic Projections™

Scenic Projections™

Elevate your production with affordable, script-accurate, animated digital scenery by Broadway Media.

MTI has partnered with the world-renowned design and production specialists, Broadway Media, to offer two stunning digital scenery options at affordable prices.

Many of our beloved titles have Scenic Projection packages available. Enhance your upcoming production with two exciting options, Scenic Projections, and for organisations with advanced projection capabilities, Scenic Projections PRO. Learn more below.

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Scenic ProjectionsTM

Elevate your production with script-accurate animated scenery that's affordable and easy to use.
Imagine being able to use Broadway/West End-quality digital scenery without the Broadway/West End-level expense or expertise. Scenic Projections by Broadway Media allows you to license official scenery packages for many of the most popular MTI titles at an incredibly low cost – perfect for the time-strapped teacher, or for combining with traditional scenic elements to take your production to the next level.

Scenic Projections – carefully created in partnership with MTI and their authors – is a collection of full-show digital scenery packages that follow the officially licensed script. Broadway Media's industry-leading projections are available in a variety of styles and moods to meet the demands for your show, including beautiful 3D motion graphics and animation.  Designed to make great production value simple and more affordable than traditional set design, Scenic Projections combines Broadway Media's free, easy-to-use projection cueing software with beautiful artwork that includes all the scenes, settings, and special effects in the script. If it's in the script, it's in Scenic Projections!

- Our projections follow every scene, setting, and magic moment in the script, guaranteed.
- You get instant rehearsal and performance materials through one easy-to-use app.
- You save money compared to the materials cost of a traditional set or physical backdrop rental.

Learn more about Scenic Projections on Broadway Media's website.

Scenic ProjectionsTM PRO

Map your projections with customisable scenic elements to create a professional, immersive production.
For organisations and theatres with advanced projection capabilities, Broadway Media also offers Scenic Projections PRO. These script-accurate scenery packages feature mappable scenic elements, textures, weather animations, and additional resources.

- Compatible with media server mapping and professional media management tools.
- Quality, layered artwork, and video files.
- Additional projection resources for professional-level production values.

Learn more about Scenic Projections on Broadway Media's website.

More about Scenic Projections Packages

Why consider Scenic ProjectionsTM?
Scenic Projections will bring dynamic visual energy to your production while being cost-effective compared to traditional costly backdrop rentals. Digital scenery provides the best scenic solution for theatres without a fly-space or organisations that lack a permanent venue.

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What is digital scenery?
If you have recently enjoyed a professional theatre production, you may have noticed dazzling artwork that seamlessly moves with the action, designed to enhance the storytelling and to give the stage a voice. Technically, what you were seeing is "digital scenery,” a collection of videos and still images, beautifully designed and aptly programmed to flow with the actors onstage - all controlled by the heroes behind light desks. Digital scenery allows you to complement or replace traditional backdrops.

Digital scenery, also known as "projections,” "projection design,” or "Scenic Projections,” means any form of video or image used in a live performance. The imagery can be moving or still, displayed via projector, a TV, or LED wall. Digital scenery is a rapidly-growing art form that is now used prolifically in nearly every new play or musical in professional theatre. It's now available to your theatre thanks to our Scenic Projections resource from Broadway Media. 

Scenic Projections is the official MTI digital scenery resource that includes every scene, setting, and magical moment in your script. It makes creating an amazing production affordable and easier than ever before!

What does my rental include?

Scenic Projections
Scenic Projections package includes every scene, setting, and magic moment (animated with effects such as weather, time change, and lighting), StagePlayer playback software for Mac or PC, rehearsal license, and performance license (expires after the final performance).

- Broadway Junior titles: £360
- Full-Length titles: £650 

Scenic Projections PRO
Scenic Projections PRO packages include every scene, setting, and magic moment (animated with effects such as weather, time change, and lighting), adaptable and mappable scenic elements, overlays, textures, weather animations, file legend, rehearsal license, and performance license (expires after the final performance).

PRO Pricing:
- All Titles: £1,295

(Base pricing reflects a 4-week licence. £100 for each additional week needed. Pricing for professional theaters occasionally differs. Please contact your licensing representative or email, visit for details.)