help with modern millie chinese characters

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January 18, 2011
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I am planning to do Modern Millie and I am uncomfortable/nervous about the whole chinese character spoof bit- i really do not know much about this show- assume it is supposed to be a spoof but am nervous about our white caucasian rural community not "getting it"...and on top of it we have a NEW AND SMALL aisan community now in the area that i do not want to offend....any advise as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated....
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January 30, 2011
I just finished directing a version of Millie in a mainly caucasion community as well. We approached the whole show from a cartoon perspective and made everyone bigger than life...that way the tall blonde boys I had playing Ching Ho and Bun Foo fit right in! I didn't try to hide the fact that they were cacausion, it would have just been silly and probably offensive. We just had fun, and they ended up stealing the show.