Questions for Newsies

Can you provide this for Newsies?
will newsies be released as a juniors version??
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Excited that Newsies is coming. I thought I saw somewhere on this site that you were already taking tentative reservations for Newsies but now I can't find it. Can we make 'hopeful' dates for 2019?
My name is Ann Cook. I am teaching a youth theater program for our town. We are looking to do a review that will include hard knock life and two songs from newsies and a few lines from the show. do we need to buy rights?
When will newsies be available for community theatre?
Jr Verison
Even though Newsies has yet to be released, is it possible to obtain a perusal copy of the Piano/Vocal score?
Is there any chance Newsies will be released for U.K. Amateur performance in 2017 ?
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Regarding "Newsies", Google is sending out information that states this show is now being released to various groups. Is this true, and how do we apply?
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Will there be a Newsies jr. or kids?
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