Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Narrators welcome us to the Hundred Acre Wood and introduce us to Christopher Robin's friends ("Winnie the Pooh"). When Pooh's Tummy rumbles, he realizes that he doesn't have any honey for his snack ("The Tummy Song"). Pooh goes on a search and is knocked down by his friend, Tigger ("The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers"). Tigger doesn't have any honey, but promises to look for some on his search for adventure.

Still hungry, Pooh decides to get honey from his best friend. Christopher Robin is not at home but has left a note for Pooh. Pooh shows the note to Piglet, who suggests they take the note to Rabbit ("Pooh and Piglet"). His hunger increasing, Pooh asks Rabbit for an extra stash of honey as a swarm of Bees eavesdrop ("Honey!"). Rabbit is terrified by the note and tells Pooh and Piglet to take it to Owl for a full explanation. After examining the note, Owl reports that Christopher Robin has been captured by a creature named The Backson ("The Backson Song")!

Pooh hatches a plan to make a pit that will trap the Backson. Piglet disguises the pit to look like a picnic to lure the Backson. The plan works so well that Rabbit tries to grab some food and falls into the pit. Tigger bounces into the trap, quickly followed by Kanga and Roo ("The Backson Song - Reprise"). Owl is so busy trying to devise his own Backson trap that he walks right into the pit.

Pooh and Piglet hear noise coming from their Backson trap. They find all of their friends piled in the pit, but still no Backson. Now inside the pit himself, Pooh tries to think of a new plan to rescue his friends and remembers a song that Christopher Robin used to sing to him ("Halfway Down"). When the words of the song link together to form a staircase, the friends help each other climb out.

They become frightened when they hear footsteps coming from deep within the forest, but are relieved when they see Christopher Robin on his way home! He explains that his note stated he was busy and would be "back soon." All is cleared up, and the friends decide to have a picnic to celebrate. When Pooh realizes that there isn't any honey, Christopher Robin suggests asking the Bees, who have been watching his adventure. Pooh invites the Bees to the picnic, and they bring enough honey for everyone ("Hip Hip Pooh Ray / Winnie the Pooh - Finale").