Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act One

The roar of a plane's engine taking off can be heard, as the music begins. Flight Attendant Liz welcomes the audience and warns that it's going to be a bumpy night. Others now appear, introducing the perils of travel and sharing some of their savvy tips to avoid the pitfalls ("Secrets Every Smart Traveler Should Know").

We now meet James, a distraught Business Traveler, who seems to be naked except for undershorts, or a towel around his waist. He laments the state and whereabouts of his missing luggage ("Naked In Pittsburgh").

Next, we see Michael, a hip and happy Traveler, on the phone with an automated reservationist named Kathy. The reservationist guides an increasingly frustrated Traveler through options and automated loops until finally the weary Traveler's time limit expires and he is disconnected. We now meet Liz, an excited passenger, who recounts all of the riveting talent found in her cruise ship's talent show ("Star Search").

Jay, who seems like an innocently naive man, details the unusual items he has managed to pick up from his travels. He simply can't understand why Customs officials are giving him a difficult time ("Customs"). Michael, a frequent car-renter, follows with his own lament about an exorbitant rental bill with a sexy Hertz Reservations Clerk ("Hertz").

Next, a tourist recalls the stunning and handsome souvenirs she brought back from her vacation ("Acapulco"). Then, in the high style of a Noel Coward play, Amanda and Elyot, two ex-spouses, are horrified to find out that they share adjoining balconies with each other on their current honeymoons. As a faint piano plays strains of "Someday I'll Find You", Amanda and Elyot reminisce about the past and talk of their current loves.

Michael and Kathy then appear to explain the joys and the challenges of discovering America and traveling through the country ("Seeing America First"). Elsewhere, James is reflecting and trying to remember if he left anything behind while traveling ("What Did I Forget?").

We transition over to Michael, the hip and anxious traveler, who is still attempting to make a reservation. He ends up holding for the next available operator after no luck ("Reservations: Part 2"). Meanwhile, a French Chanteuse laments of her dear lover, and his little idiosyncrasies, while another translates ("The French Song").

Back on the cruise ship, a smooth-talking gambler, obnoxious housewife, innocent child, and grumpy old man discuss their favorite part of the cruise ship life ("Buffet").

Act Two

As Act Two begins, the cast of characters come on stage to encourage the audience to see the wonders of the world before it all comes crumbling down ("See It Now"). We then see Michael, asleep near the phone, as music plays in the background - he is still on hold.

A sad and forlorn country and western girl dedicates an ode to 'Mr. Trailways' and tells of her illicit love gone wrong ("Please Mr. Trailways"). Carmen Miranda and two jungle-outfitted men appear. They set the scene of a distant tropical island, and reveal the problems facing their nation ("Red Hot Lava").

It is now Stan's turn to speak of his love for another special island: Uzbekistan ("Paradise Found"). Meanwhile, a simple-minded tourist has a hairy run in with a Border Guard on her first vacation in years.

Elsewhere, Jay laments of his unhappy situation and discovering more than he bargained for on his nine-day eating & drinking binge throughout a trip to Mexico ("Me And Margarita"). Then, after a brief message from the captain of an Air India flight, someone arrives to set a candelabra on the piano. The entire cast gathers around to find out more about the virtues and vices of Mozart during his festival in Salzburg ("Salzburg").

Michael awakes. Sharon, a live operator, finally answers his call. She flirts with him as he describes his details for the flight to Nome, Alaska. As the reservation is near completion, Sharon begins to repeat herself - Michael is now unsure if she is real or now. James sings about the joys of flying ("Aging Planes").

Next, we meet a shy and unassuming man with a noticeable lisp. He reveals that he has found his perfect match - it is a woman he met on his vacation to Spain ("She Spoke Spanish"). Liz joins us again to give another travel secret: how to find the best travel agent. Three savvy, high-powered travel agents all compete for the best deals for their customers ("Honey, Sweetie, Baby").

As the show comes to a close, the entire cast reunites to remind us about the importance of home. It is their favorite place to be and there is nothing like it ("Home").