Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Starting Here, Starting Now is a musical revue by Richard Maltby and David Shire. In addition to featuring songs that tell an individual story, the show has an overall arc that feeds into the main theme. While the show runs continuously from song to song without dialogue, there are subtle mini-plots provided by the authors to maintain a feeling of forward motion throughout the evening. As the actors perform the songs described below, it is the authors' hope that each number be played out as its own dramatic event; unfolding for the first time in front of the audience. It is this sense of emotional urgency and spontaneity that sets this revue apart from others.

Act One

"The World Is Love"
"Starting Here, Starting Now"
"A Little Bit Off"
"I Think I May Want To Remember Today"
"We Can Talk to Each Other"
"Just Across The River"
"Crossword Puzzle"
"I Don't Remember Christmas"
"I Don't Believe It"
"I Hear Bells"
"I'm Going to Make You Beautiful"
"Please With Myself"


Act Two

"Hey There Fans"
"Girl of the Minute"
"A Girl You Should Know"
"Watching The Big Parade Go By"
"What About Today"
"One Step"
"Song of Me"
"Today Is The First Day of the Rest Of My Life"
"A New Life Coming"
"Curtain - Call Finale"