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Cast Size: Medium (11 to 20 performers)
Cast Type: Star Vehicle Male
Dance Requirements: Standard

Character Breakdown

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein

Brilliant brain surgeon, professor and grandson of mad scientist Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein.

Gender: male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: G4
Vocal range bottom: A2
The Monster

The misunderstood creation of Dr. Frankenstein.

Gender: male
Vocal range top: Gb4
Vocal range bottom: Db3

Frederick’s faithful, bright-eyed, eager servant and friend with a hunchback.

Gender: male
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: B2

Frederick’s young assistant. Attractive and a resident of Transylvania.

Gender: female
Age: 20 to 30
Vocal range top: F#5
Vocal range bottom: G3
Elizabeth Benning

Frederick's boisterous fiancé. 

Gender: female
Age: 25 to 35
Vocal range top: Bb5
Vocal range bottom: F#3
Frau Blücher

Stern housekeeper of the Frankenstein estate and former lover of Victor Frankenstein. 

Gender: female
Age: 40 to 60
Vocal range top: Ab4
Vocal range bottom: E3
The Hermit

A lonely, blind town hermit, hoping for a friend. 

Gender: male
Age: 30 to 60
Vocal range top: A4
Vocal range bottom: G2
Inspector Hans Kemp

The head of police in Transylvania. Driven by justice, with a wooden arm and leg. 

Gender: male
Age: 40 to 50
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: A3

Villagers, Medical Students, Passengers

Gender: any