FAQ - Scenic Projection Show Packages

The customer may request a cancellation and receive a full refund up to and until the shipment of the product. Once the product has shipped, no refund or cancellation will be accepted.

Absolutely! Just ask us how. Contact BMD directly, by calling (800) 277-0343.


To learn more about this and other technical questions, the best option is to contact BMD directly, by calling (800) 277-0343. BMD offers a wide variety of purchase and rental services for projectors.

Depending on your production requirements, you must first select the option of Still Images or Animated Images. All projections are created for specific dates and are delivered premade, ready for customization of time and cue order. A projector is required to display the content. To control and cue all of the projected content, BMD provides a multitude of playback options, from one-click to more advanced customization.

Projections bring life and realism to scenic design and add dynamic cinematic energy to productions. Projections are cost effective compared to traditional costly backdrop rentals. Projections also provide a solution for theatres without a flyspace or organizations that lack a permanent venue. Projection design is a design discipline that is recognized industry-wide and is the future of theatrical storytelling.

Scenic Projection Show Packages are still image or animated video projections that coincide with a musical or play. BMD includes specifically tailored content that aligns with each required scene. Base licensing ranges from $250 to $995, depending on product options and performance criteria.