FAQ - Payment

Yes; all performances in front of an audience (whether paying or invited) are subject to a royalty charge under Copyright law. This also includes dress rehearsals where an audience is invited.

If you're applying for a full scale musical then you are required to submit a refundable deposit of £500 at the time of applying for a performing licence. This is taken in the form of a credit/debit card payment. The £500 will be held on your account against loss or damage to any hire items whilst they remain in your possession. After your production has taken place you must submit a declaration of total ticket sales for your production. You will then be sent an invoice detailing all charges due. The £500 paid at the application stage will be indicated on your invoice and off-set against the total balance due.

If you're applying for a Broadway Junior/Kids show then you are required to pay the full licensing fee at the time of applying. This fee must be made in the form of a credit/debit card payment. 

Applications are judged on a case by case basis. MTI Europe cannot always offer discounts for charity performances. Remember that royalties are the authors’ way of being paid for the use of their shows and as such is their wage. Many authors often contribute heavily to their own charities and therefore the royalty, as such, is not MTI Europe’s to discount.

In the amateur world, MTI Europe operates a one price for all policy. This includes (but is not exclusive to): schools, youth groups, university groups and amateur societies.

Professional fees are available upon application to Sally Irwin, Professional Licensing Manager.